Let me introduce myself...

My name is Sofia Ioakimidou, I am a graphic designer currently living in Cologne. I was born in Stuttgart, a city that I still love and visit often. I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design from IB Hochschule where I studied from 2010 – 2013 in Stuttgart and Cologne.

Work your a** off. Don't be an a**hole. Stefan Sagmeister

Since then, I've worked as a graphic designer in several advertising agencies where I have continued to improve my visual and technical skills as well as work independently on various projects. I love the creative process and to develop serious and modern concepts based on my life experiences.
I also speak 5 different languages – German, English, Greek, Spanish and French and enjoy traveling the world.



ideas & concepts

I love developing ideas and concepts. Tell a story with your ideas!

desktop publishing

Excellent Adobe CC skills to guarantee a perfect quality of work.


Experience in a large variety of print materials in classic advertising.


Content Management Systems, banner, social media... You name it.

brand communication

What makes your brand unique and establishing the essence of your brand idea.


Visualising ideas and try to make emotions with your work.

Some of my recent work

Here is some of my best free art work.

I will be happy to send you more of my work! :)


Here is a listing with some of the clients I worked for in the past 5 years.

AGILA Haustierversicherung AG, AkzoNobel, Bel Deutschland GmbH, Butch GmbH, Colgate Palmolive GmbH, COMPO GmbH & Co. KG, Consolan, Dulux, Euronics Deutschland eG, HAMMERITE, Kemp Leihhäuser, Lesonal, Lucobit AG, Molto, MyBalconia, MyFlamia, Sikkens, Vodafone GmbH, Xyladecor, ZTE DeutschLand GmbH.